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You need more customers, not marketing fluff. We've developed laser like focus on the three key areas of marketing that generate leads and increased revenue. They are: more search engine traffic, better paid advertising, and higher conversions. Identify what your customers want and get focused on what matters, with guaranteed results.

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According to Nielsen, 61% of shoppers looked up information online before purchasing. In service businesses such as plastic surgery and medical aesthetics, we’ve seen that number as high as 93%. If you’re not ranking in Google, you’re missing out.

We identify your buyer’s search intent and use technology and content algorithms to help you rank at the top of search.

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Paid ads are about revenue. They’re about getting in front of your customer and having them take specific action. We identify your prospect’s search intent and match up offers and ads that work. We don’t care about CTR or CPA or any of the other acronyms you don’t need to understand.

We care about two things, making the phone ring, and the email ding.

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Our testing methodology ensures that you maximize your ROI. We get into your customer’s mind and give you insights that will overflow your inbox with leads – HOT leads.

We’re so confident in our ability to get you an improvement in your bottom line – so much so that we guarantee it! If you don’t get a lift in your conversion rates, you don’t pay. Period.

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Rarely do you find a company  that produces sound marketing ideas consistently but also a company that genuinely cares about their clients.

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To eliminate needless busywork in your marketing. To stop the heartache that comes from failed efforts. To create prosperity and growth for your business by focusing on what works. We do this in three ways:

  • Relentless pursuit of revenue.
  • Putting our money where our mouth is by guaranteeing results.
  • Working with quality clients that are engaged implementors and hungry for success.


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We focus on what matters. No fluff. No busywork. Our services create online leads for your business through search marketing. We have a relentless pursuit of what works. Careful testing ensures that you move your business forward. We’re so confident in what we do that we offer a 100% guarantee. You don’t pay us any money until you see results. We’re that confident in what we do. Contact us to learn more and get started today!


The Continuous Improvement Toolbox

Kaizen, 改善, is Japanese for “improvement”. When used in the business sense, kaizen refers to activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to the frontline workers.

We use this principle to give you ongoing optimization and improvements across your lead generation vehicles. Don’t waste anymore time focusing on what doesn’t work. Start moving forward today by contacting Optiminy now.

We’re Hyper-focused On Quality

Google rewards quality in everything you do. That’s the foundation for our ad buying and search engine optimization. Watch the video and get an understanding of the importance of quality, directly from Google. The same principles that apply to your advertising apply to search engine optimization and landing page creation. If you want to get ahead, get focused on quality.

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