From #4 to #1


Now the top provider of BOTOX and Juvederm, according to Allergan


Skin Vitality Medical Clinic is an aesthetic medical clinic that has multiple locations across southwestern Ontario. At the beginning of our contract with them, each of their 4 locations was already quite busy. The majority of their business was obtained mainly through aggressive print, as well as some radio and tv, advertising.

But times were changing. Sales were falling as a result of a shift in consumer preferences. Consumers were no longer paying as much attention to these mediums, and the company’s online presence needed help – fast. They were struggling to maintain their ranking as the #4 provider of Botox in Canada (according to Allergan).

Skin Vitality already had a robust advertising campaign, but none of it was focused online. Their only web presence was an outdated website.

What we did for them

Optiminy did these things for Skin Vitality:

  1. rebranded their company
  2. performed website code optimization
  3. developed content
  4. optimized their website to improve their rankings
  5. took over their social media marketing including PPC lead generation
  6. created tracked PPC Lead Generation Campaigns
  7. took over their email marketing
  8. created direct mail marketing campaigns
  9. consulted on a regular basis in an effort to improve their bottom line in all facets of their business

While their original site was totally outdated, the client still wanted to keep the general look and feel. With that in mind, we carefully examined the brand and target market. Then, based on our findings, we devised a content development strategy to reposition the company and dominate search engines for relevant nonsurgical key terms.

What happened after this

In two years, Skin Vitality was

  • able to grow from 4 locations to an astounding 9 locations scattered across southwestern Ontario
  • is now the #1 Botox and Juvederm provider in Canada, according to Allergan (the manufacturer of both products). Skin Vitality currently performs hundreds of injections weekly due to their dominance in the field.
  • the top provider of Fraxel, a popular skin resurfacing technology
  • the top provider of Venus Freeze, a skin tightening and fat reduction treatment
  • has grown so much that they’ve almost doubled their administrative and medical staff
  • is a business valued at $15 million