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According to a recent Google study, 75% of internet users never scroll past the 1st page in the search results. Why isn’t your website ranking on the 1st page of Google?


You aren’t ranking. In fact, you’re nowhere to be found.

Losing your keyword rankings in Google and watching your competitors zip right by you is one of the most gut-wrenching experiences of owning a website. You feel helpless as you watch your Google rankings slide even lower than they were the day before. As you check your analytics, the organic traffic coming to your website continues to drop, day over day and week over week.

If you’re like the majority of website owners who rely upon Google for free organic traffic, you’ve probably encountered the above scenario at one point in the life of your website. However, there are a group of website owners who have experienced just the opposite of that:

Waking up one morning to check their Google rankings, only to be pleasantly surprised that their website has jumped up a few spots to page 1.  They quickly check their website analytics and see a noticeable increase in traffic, and sales and/or phone calls are a bit higher as well.

These website owners are the (current and past) clients of Optiminy. Our method of performing SEO ensures that you not only get the rankings you’re looking for, but you keep them as well. Our methodology is strictly 100% white hat SEO. Tried and true practices that when performed regularly over a period of time, help drive rankings, traffic, leads and sales.

Our Search Engine Optimization services are designed to take the daily monotonous SEO work off of your plate and put it on ours. We have over 15 years of experience successfully performing SEO for a wide range of clients and businesses. We know the inner workings of the game and apply these proven techniques in order to help you gain organic rankings and increased traffic.

Our Strengths

15+ Years of Experience

We have over 15 years of experience in SEO.

Proven Track Record

Because we don’t cut corners, we consistently get the results our clients want.

No-Risk & Full Guarantee

Don’t pay until you get the promised results.



Over the past 15 years we’ve helped thousands of clients navigate the confusing and often changing landscape of SEO. We constantly test various facets of the algorithm which enables us to keep up with the various changes that Google makes on a daily basis. Read one of our success stories.

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15 years experience



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We have a proven track record for obtaining the results our clients are looking for. We do not cut corners nor perform any “grey hat” SEO. We just know our stuff and that comes from being in the proverbial SEO trenches on a daily basis. Not only do our clients obtain their desired rankings faster, our method of performing SEO also helps with branding and brand recognition.

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No Risk Guarantee

Companies that sell SEO services are a dime a dozen. What’s worse is that hiring the wrong company can actually harm your organic rankings in Google. How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition?

By offering our no-risk guarantee: We do not get paid until you get the results we promised. Upon engaging our services, the money you would have paid us for the first months services gets put into Escrow at Those monies do not get released to us until after we have gotten your website the rankings we agreed upon (usually page 1 rankings). It’s as simple as that. If you don’t rank, we don’t bank.

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no risk guarantee



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We Only Care About Results

Over the years we’ve spoken to new clients who informed us of the gut-wrenching feeling they got in the pit of their stomachs when they lost their Google rankings and watched their competitors out rank them. They said the main reason for the loss in rankings was because they either gave up on SEO, or followed some very bad (but well intentioned) SEO advice. With Optiminy, you can rest easy knowing that your websites rankings are in the very capable hands of our experienced professionals.

Transparent Service So You Know What’s Going On With Your Rankings

We realize that some people may have gotten scammed or taken for a ride by an unscrupulous SEO company in the past. What’s more, they let this one bad experience prevent them from pushing forward just a little bit more in their quest to find a capable and legitimate SEO provider. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing a transparent service that delivers results.

Our SEO services are not intended for everyone

Unfortunately, we cannot perform SEO work on certain websites. Some websites are too far gone, or have gotten penalized by Google one too many times and no matter how much SEO you throw at it, it never seems to regain the rankings it once had. Other websites just have recurring issues that if the owner refuses to fix, the SEO will never get better.

So prior to engaging our SEO services, we’ll need to perform a free in-depth analysis on your website. It will tell us what is wrong with your site and how we need to go about fixing it. At the end of our analysis, we’ll let you know if we think your website is a good fit, along with our recommended plan of action. Some SEO issues can be easily solved by merely fixing a few lines of broken code on your website.


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